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Agriconsa, Spain, Europe Who, Where, makes, produces, sells, manufactures, exports, markets juices, lighyt syrup
Agriconsa, Spain, Europe Who, Where, makes, produces, sells, manufactures, exports, markets pulps, slices, syrup
Agriconsa, Spain, Europe Who, Where, makes, produces, sells, manufactures, exports, markets, fruits, oranges, tangerines
Agriconsa, Spain, Europe Who, Where, makes, produces, sells, manufactures, exports, markets, persimmons, kakis, peachs, grapes
AGRICONSA carries out an exhaustive follow-up for the approval and assessment of the suppliers, based on the quality of its products or services as well as on the required information (questionnaires, certifications, etc.), always looking for the supplier of maximum confidence and quality

All the above is summarized in the following Quality Policy / Quality Manual:

The quality of farming, manufacturing processes and finished products is fundamental to what we do at Agriconsa.

We possess the most important certificates:

Standards of business conduct for suppliers
Our commitment to quality requires that our suppliers comply with the following basic requirements:
  1. Compliance with the law and applicable legal regulations, offering a quality and safe product, basing the processes on good practices, implementing the necessary controls to detect any deviation in the product and maintenance a fluid and immediate communication with the client to notify any incident.
  2. Maintain an adequate administrative management system that respects and complies with tax and accounting regulations, being completely prohibited making undeclared transactions or any other type of operation that involves a violation of applicable laws.
  3. Observe a correct attitude and maintain proper conduct regarding gifts, commissions, bribes or any other form of illicit enrichment or conflict of interest, so that the management of the company is based on legal criteria, but also ethical.
  4. Abide and comply labor regulations, agreements and any other applicable framework so that:
    • Workers' compensation is fair and adequate according to the law and the applicable legal framework, giving the worker evidence of their payment with an easily understandable breakdown of the different monetary concepts (salary, taxes, etc.).
    • The worker enjoys the corresponding days of rest and vacations as stipulated by law or by the regulations or applicable legal framework.
    • The company will not maintain undeclared work activity to the administration, so that all activities will be communicated and will be quoted by them.
    • Not forcing the worker to extend his working day
    • The worker's freedom will be respected and he will not be coerced or penalized when he makes the decision to rescind the contract
    • The respect of human rights will be ensured, including the rights of free association and strike.
    • Workers below the legal age to work are not used.
  5. Create a safe work environment with no discrimination, harassment or any other type of abuse or situation of violation of rights due to race, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other concept are detected. Implementing the necessary tools for prevention and reporting of these events and establishing direct communication channels with the Human Resources Department to act directly against this type of violation of rights.
  6. The company is committed to ensuring and monitoring the health and safety of workers, their working conditions and the rights set out in the law, creating and maintaining the necessary tools (committees, etc.) for advice and collaboration, as well as they will use the necessary control tools (health surveillance, medical controls, inspections of the facilities, etc.). In particular, the working conditions of the youngest people, pregnant women, personnel with some type of disability and / or ailment will be monitored. Working conditions for these groups of people should be adapted to their conditions so that they have not their right to work in the best conditions reduced.
  7. Respect, defend and promote a positive attitude towards the environment, complying with the legislation and maintaining an active and positive position regarding the defense of the natural environment. Promoting and fostering through the training of workers and raising awareness among management for the use of productive methods and materials with low impact on the environment.
  8. Make appropriate use of the information in its possession, not making fraudulent use or not contemplated in established business relationships. It will establish the necessary preventive measures so that the level of confidentiality is the maximum.